Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finger Paints Peacock Portrait

Hello and Happy Thursday! I was sick for a couple of days, but I'm feeling much better today. ☆★☆★☆

This is another try it Tuesday-ish mani I did. I've decided to stick with my glitter polishes. They look great over my fav silver polish ... Revlon's Lily 001 (last pic). I've shown you this before it's good coverage in just one coat and looks great on my toes plain without glitter. This way im coordinated without planning.  And I'm not bothering with a base coat on these.

Today we have a gorgeous polish (sorry I didn't get a bottle pic) from Finger Paints, Peacock Portrait is an extremely dense glitter polish with multi sized and colored glitter, favoring the blues and greens. This also has mini holographic glitter that reflects the rainbow. You could probably reach full opaque coverage in 3-4 coats. Shown here is 2 thin coats over my base, 1 coat SV.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat, Royal Icing

Hello and Happy Friday!
I'm still trying to stick to my "try It Tuesday" challenge.  Although im a little late, I'm still pretty proud of myself. I picked up this beauty last Saturday at a Walgreens. It was an amazing day. Me and a girlfriend bused it all over. We went to the milk carton derby at greenlake and then ate tons of junk at the Ballard seafood fest. Today im having lunch at The Bite of Seattle!!

So its kinda cheating of me using a newer polish in my untried box, but I swore I was doing this polish next.

So I dont have any other sugar coats yet. I think I'd prefer the creme colors more with this texture. Royal Icing came across as being just a typical textured polish for me.  That said its very pretty my pictures don't do this justice.  The pink glass fleck is much more visible in person. I used 4 thin coats. See last 2 pics for top coat pics I luv this with tc lol!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mardi Gras glitter nail deco, Hot Pink Candy Shop

Hello Polish World! I've missed you so♥
So I'm finally bloggin from my phone. LIFE IS CRAZY! I'm hoping to start participating in the Try it Tuesday challenge.  It's perfect for me. I have tons of untrieds in my stash, and I'm lucky if I get to do my nails once a week. So hopefully you'll hear from me once a week. So excited. Also I've got blogluvin on my phone, I read all the post during my 2 hour commute....luvin it!

On to the polish!  I found this gem about a month ago at a Ride Aid by my work. There were around 12 polishes in this particular display.  I snatched up 6 I think. So glad I did! There like $4 each. I know I've been out of touch but I've never heard anything about this brand before. Anyone try this polish before? Let me know what you think.
Shown here is 3 coats with an essie base and SV top coat. Drying time was better then I expected from a semi jelly base. Glitter glided on smooth and easy. Over all I'm luvin Mardi Gras. Can't wait to share more. One complaint,  No Names! Even the bar codes are the same. :( oh well I'll name'em myself.

Luv Who You Luv And Be Thankful You Have Them ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hello friends! This is a test post from my phone. I've been having issues with my blog so hopefully this works. I can't crop my pic's from my phone ... sorry.  And I don't have the names of the polish I used handy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Essence Colour & Go, You Belong to Me #53

Hello there! Happy Saturday! I have a quick little post, before I have to get ready to go to lunch. This picture is an older one and super messy. I use to take my lunch break and sneak of to one of the bathrooms and paint my nails. (we have big bathrooms with benches) I did this in an attempt to not smoke and it worked great until someone complained about the smell and we all got a warning not to use nail polish or to much perfume/scented lotion.
The great news here is that my company sold the building to another party and no longer control the floors we aren't leasing so I recently went to the 1st floor bathroom and added a 2nd top coat to my mani and not a soul even walked in. Yah!!

Anyways... On to the polish this is Essence Colour & Go in You Belong to Me #53 this is 2 coats with base, and SV. This was really pretty and easy to apply with good wear time. I really like Essence and would highly recommend this brand I even like the little bottles.

On a side note I plan to do a post at some point showing all the pretty polish I got for Christmas and the stuff I've gotten since. My BF is super spoiling me, last weekend we went to Nordstrom's and hauled some polishes, uber Happy Kat, I'm extremely lucky :)

Luv who you Luv and be thankful you have them!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

KleanColor... Metallic Green 163, Metalic Aqua 164

Seahawks Colors to share today. :) This was two coats each topped with SV Top Coat. Other than the terrible smell and the sometimes longer drying time, I rally like this Brand. Sorry for the terrible Cam Phone Pics. A camera is a long way out. These Metallic's are really gorgeous in person! Vibrant and rich, their nothing like the washed out silver toned polishes typical of this category I highly recommend this particular collection and can't wait to try the purple I have.

Luv who you Luv and be thankful you have them....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Milani 582 Teal Glitter layered under Mary Kay French Vanilla

Hello dear readers, more pics from my cell phone..... This is the mani you saw in my last post.

This is my take on the jelly sandwich. This looked awesome from a distance but up close it was uber gross, lol! I started this mani with just the Milani glitter (2 coats, I think this needs to be thinned as it was icky thick) and 2 coats SV top coat. This was still super bumpy with considerable shrinkage, I didn't have time to change my polish so I threw on 2 coats of The Mary Kay polish and another layer of SV. Overall I luv'd this look but next time I will do it in a straight go and skip the extra coats of SV in the middle. We that's it for now hope your first week of 2013 brings good things!

Luv who you luv and be thankful you have them!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alanna's Vaca Mani, Loreal Yellow Buzz 930 and OPI Rainbow Connection HL C09

Hello there! Just Trying out my new computer which I Love!!! I still need a new camera, but I uploaded a few pics from my phone. I never thought I'd be down to just a camera phone again but hey it's better than nothing. It's a terrible camera so we'll see how many good pics I can produce.

This is one of Alanna's Favorite combo's, yellow and rainbows. I took these poolside which is why the skin looks so pink. I'm super jealous of her long thick health nails!! But I love to paint them. :)

Here we have L'Oreal Yellow Buzz with OPI Rainbow Connection layered on top. 2 coats each with SV top coat.

 Here is my jelly sandwich mani I did at the same time. I'll post this soon (pics are Bad)
Luv who you luv and be thankful you have them!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I just got a new computer for Xmas!!! I'm a super lucky girl! I will have to save up for a new camera, But I can't wait to start posting again!

Happy Holidays!!!

Luv Who You Luv and Be Thankful You Have Them!!!!!!!!!!