Wednesday, April 22, 2009


OMFG!!! This is the coolest color ever! Okay so let me tell you what I did. This is three thin coats and one coat of SV on top. The first two pic's are outside on a very overcast day, and the last pic is taken indoors under my sun roof window thing (sorry I can't remember what those are called). This is my first MAC polish I have tried, and I have to say I LOVE IT! I have 5 more coming in the mail and if they are half as cool as this I will be stoked! The color on this reminds me a lot of my metallic golds but it's yellow not gold if that makes sense? If you like fun crazy colors I highly suggest this one!

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  1. I like this one. Looks pretty on you. I have about 6 Mac polishes. I haven't tried them yet/


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