Sunday, May 17, 2009

Claire's, Lime Shine

Sorry for the lack of post, I know I promised lots of them, but the weather was just to nice to sit inside on the computer. Me and my BF got to spend some quality time together and even got to have a "date night" so that was really nice. I told myself I would stay up and post all the stuff I meant to earlier. But I'm feeling really tired! I think I will post two more after this and then try and get some sleep. So on to the polish:

The first pic of this one isn't very good the polish is much greener as you can see from the other pics, also it appears sheer but in person it's not. I really love this and just like all the polishes like this it needs a top coat as all of these so far seem to dry on the matte side. I think this is 3 coats, but it might be just 2, sorry I swatched these a while ago and now I can't remember.


  1. This green is stunning ! You don't know what you did to me with those are all so beautiful, has such a nice shades (of green, orange etc.) and loaded with glitter....can it be any better ?? :-)

  2. I've seen pics of that and it always looks so cool! Love it on you and glad you enjoyed your date :)

  3. This is wicked cute! Awww glad you had a fun date night ^^

  4. Tuli - lol! I had the same thing happen to me when I found these!

    Mary - Thanks! Sounds like you had a nice weekend too!

    Clockwork - Thanks! I think the green one might be my fav!

  5. Well I read from the first post back. Each polish is getting better and better. Glitters are my favorite. Hope you had a fun date night.


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