Sunday, May 17, 2009

Claire's side by side bottle pic lol! ...... I'm really tired!

I wanted to give you a side by side of all of these just so you can see them together. I should also mention that I found a new color from this "family" today. It's called flame and it's a dark but bright pink! I also picked up another glitter from the same "family"that I first wrote about, it's a pink as well. It'll be a while before I try these though, I have a nice mani & pedi on with black and Nfu Oh #60, and I'm totally lovin it! I'm gonna take myself to bed everyone have a good night and a good morning! (the purple is not this dark in person, and it's more red/pink) L-R .....Meg Peg, Yel, Julius, Lime Shine


  1. All of them are absolutely gorgeous !! I just love their shades and they all look so beautiful on you :-)

  2. Love those glitters. Can't wait to see them swatched. Hope you got some good rest.


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