Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lucy your amazing!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Lucy! Lucy took the time to read all of my post and leave tons of comments! Like 40! Lucy you have made my day, thank you so much. Do you have a blog? I wish I could stop and respond to all you awesome comments but I don't have the time today, I'm sorry. But I wanted to let you know that For a mani I always use top coat and base too. But when swatching I don't bother. The Chanel I only had on for 3 days but it still looked really great when I took It off. Oh, I lost my camera at a bar, A friend of mine moved out of state and she was having a going away get together, I think I left it sitting on the table. My BF is super great and amazing! I'm really lucky to have him! Thanks again YOU ROCK!


  1. Agree, Lucy is amazing and sweet :) And look, she has her own label!

  2. I agree! Lucy is amazing! You can always count on a kind or funny word from Lucy :)


  3. I totally agree! Yay for Lucy!

  4. Kitty thank you for the love. Means alot to me. I really enjoy all the nail blogs. I like to comment because you took the time to write and photograph everything. It's nice being part of a group of polish loving people. I don't havea blog. Maybe someday. Thank you Mary and Brooke. I love the both of you. I've met some really nice people online.


Hello and thank you for your comment, I hope to start blogging regularly again soon. :)