Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Mother's day and mommy stuff like that.......

I wanted to share some pic's of my little angles. I also should explain why I have so many more pics of my little Ayva, than my older two. This is because Ayva doesn't start school until next year, so she's always at home with me.

This is Alanna Thursday night she had me paint her nails with Claire's Jazz. She loves color.....just like mommy!

This is Ayva outside yesterday painting her toes!

This is Ayva on Wed. All ready For her "Hawaii" trip. She always makes me play this pretend game when it's raining and cold out. Ayva loves the sun and playin in the pool!

This is Alanna in her super messy, cluttered room! She needs lots of alone "me" time. Here she is making art, She is determined to be an artist when she grows-up. (I keep try to tell her she already is one, but I'm mom and I have to say nice things so nobody believes any thing I say! lol)

Here is Alek allowing Ayva to hug him. Of coarse I had to remind him that it was Mother's day and If I wanted a picture, then he had to do it. But I got my pic and that's what matters right? His dad sent him home with controllers and games that interact with the Wii, Thanks X-husband that's totally what I wanted to spend mothers day doing! NOT

Ayva doing her make -up ......and kinda spacing out.

This is Ayva playing store.

These are the bookmarks the kids made me at thier dad's house. THe first two have a music theme Alek made those, the middle two Where made by Alanna, she did a very pretty dragonfly theme. And of coarse Ayva has to do a fun in the sun, beach theme.

This is the ceramic house Alanna made me at school. How great is this! This is gold!

This is a painting Alek made me in art class! I don't now what more fun the painting or my son trying to say anemone!

These are the flowers the BF got me... He also made me a steak dinner :)

So that's It for now it's a beautiful day so I'm gonna turn of the computer and go outside sit in the sun and swatch some polishes!


  1. have such beautiful and artistic children! Glad you had a good mothers day! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your kids are absolutely adorable !! And what a nice artworks they made for you :-) Glad to hear that had a happy mothers day !

  3. What beautiful little ones you have and such artists as well!

  4. Kitty, your kids are fabulous! Sounds like you had a great day.

    The flowers AND a steak dinner too? Lucky lady!

  5. Velvet - thanks! I had a great day!

    Tuli - thanks! I love the homemade stuff they give me!

    Clockwork - thanks! they are amazing!

    Helen - thanks! I had a great day! your right I am a very lucky lady!

  6. Kitty your children are just beautiful. Your two girls are just lovely, with such pretty eyes. Your son is so handsome also with those killer eyes. I love beautiful and colorful ceramic house Alanna made. Alek's painting is fantastic with all the sea life. It's very colorful. Nice bookmarks that they made. Your a lucky Mom.


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