Friday, May 1, 2009

My pretty Little Princess Ayva Joy!!!!!!!!!

This is My youngest Her name is Ayva. She looooooves Makeup! She's gone though all of her own stash and has started to use mine! Please don't use mommy's NARS! PLEASE! So today me and the BF are gonna take her to the mall and get her some of her own. Then lunch and the park!
Ayva showing us her selection of colors for today.

Who can say no to this? I am so weak!

Mid application. With brushes and everything lol!

Ready for her close up!

Lipstick is her FAV!

That's all I have for now gonna go enjoy this 70+ day! I was gonna swatch all 18 of my silvers this weekend but will see, I don't think I will have the time. Sad I know.


  1. A little makeup diva in the works! Very cute :) Enjoy the nice weather.

  2. Both my girls are! Thanks! It's been sooooo nice to be out in the sun!

  3. Ayva has done a great job with her makeup. Good that she is using brushes to apply her makeup. Learn correctly while young. Nice Mommy for letting her use it and buying it for her.


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