Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge, Dead Calm

This is the prettiest blue ever! I love it! I used 2 coats here. But this is so pigmented I could have gotten away with just 1 coat! In the bottle this looks like it might be a dup for Barielle's Berry Blue, but I haven't tried that one yet ( I have too many untried's in my stash!). I don't now what else I can say about this one it's just so perfect! I think the pics speak for themselves. This was with no base, no top.


  1. This is such a beautiful dark blue ! I just love these kinds of blues...I've ordered Misa On The Edge this week, which is also supposed to be dark blue :-)

  2. It's too bad all of the RBL's are so expensive, because they look great on you! You need them all...I'm not helping, am I?!! That is a unique blue, I can't really describe it, but I love it on you!

  3. Do want lol! This is such a beautiful blue, love the shine on it, looks wonderful on you.

  4. Gorgeous,gorgeous! Dark blue and navy blues are my favorite "vampy" polishes to wear. I hope Rescue Beauty has another sale! I see I missed some very pretty polishes!

  5. One coat, that is deep-dark and unique blue. No base coat and no top and it is still this shiny, that is also impressive, so I see why they are so much $$$!

    Your blog is lovely and I am happy to see that you found a camera to show us all these cool polish's.

  6. Great pics! This is a really pretty blue color. I bet with a top coat it would be really shiny :)

  7. Tuli - I love the dark blues too! I have misa On The Edge In my untried stash, It looks, in the bottle just a shade lighter, but It's very pretty!

    Mary - Thanks! No your not helping at all lol! I think I need them all too he he!

    Clockwork - I know what you mean I just had to have this one!

    Velvet - I hope they do soon too, You can get the polishes I have and I can get the ones you have lol!

    Deez Nails - They really are worth the money, finding the extra cash to buy them is the hard part lol!

    Thanks!!! I'm really happy I can post some nice pics! I just wish I had more sunny days!

    Brooke - Thanks! I can't wait to try a full mani with these and see how great they shine! I just can't pic what color I want to do first lol!

  8. Another color I just bought also. I haven't tried this color yet. I wish they werent so expensive. There are so many colors that I want. Did you see that you can buy the whole collection? It cost a fortune!


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