Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge, No More War

So I know everyone has already posted about this polish but I couldn't help my self! I feel in love with this months ago, and couldn't afford to get it until the RBL sale. The first pic shows the 4 polishes I picked up They are from L-R: Recycle, No More War, Teal, Dead Calm, Okay so this polishes was 3 thin coats, I probably could have done only 2, but new polishes are a trial and error kinda thing for me, with diff. bottles and brushes I need a little practice before I get the hang of it. This is way prettier on than it is in the bottle. This is no base, no top. I got accurate color pics of this and didn't even think to go out side and get sun pics ..sorry. Oh and I should also mention that I don't do any clean up when I paint my nails....I might try to wipe off what gets on my skin as I go. But that's about it. These aren't so bad but I did get a little messy with the others. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. Those are all great choices! No More War looks great on you. Not sure if it would work on my skin tone, but love it on you :)

  2. Glad those polishes finally went on sale! This is such a unique color.

  3. Nice choices, this one is very unique looking.

  4. Hey..I like what you pick out! No More War looks very nice on you. Can't to see the others!

  5. That is such a great colour. I don't own anything like that...and wish I did!

  6. That color reminds me of Yellow Ochre paint in artists' watercolor sets. And I don't do clean up either! It's easier to let the overlaps come out in the shower.:D

  7. No More War is my favorite. The only thing is it left some yellow stains on my nails. Looks beautiful on you. Really does work well with your skin tone. I ordered 4 colors also. I ordered Dead Calm, Bruised, Bikini Bottom and Sponge Bob. RBL has such beautiful colors. It's a shame they cost so much.

  8. Mary - Thanks I had a hard time picking my 4 colors. but I'm super happy with the ones I got!

    Brooke- me too! I wish they would have another sale!

    Clockwork- this is super unique I tried to find a color like it for months with no luck.

    Velvet - thanks! I really want a glitter too! maybe next time :( he he

    Lackaholic - Thanks!

    Helen - Maybe the next time they have a sale you can pick this one up? I will let you know if i ever find a dup.

    Twiist - really? I've never seen that before.I so agree! I always make things worse if I try to clean up!

    Lucy - really? maybe I will use 2 coats of base with this one, when I do a full mani. I kinda want bruised. what do you think of it?


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