Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge, No More War

So I know everyone has already posted about this polish but I couldn't help my self! I feel in love with this months ago, and couldn't afford to get it until the RBL sale. The first pic shows the 4 polishes I picked up They are from L-R: Recycle, No More War, Teal, Dead Calm, Okay so this polishes was 3 thin coats, I probably could have done only 2, but new polishes are a trial and error kinda thing for me, with diff. bottles and brushes I need a little practice before I get the hang of it. This is way prettier on than it is in the bottle. This is no base, no top. I got accurate color pics of this and didn't even think to go out side and get sun pics ..sorry. Oh and I should also mention that I don't do any clean up when I paint my nails....I might try to wipe off what gets on my skin as I go. But that's about it. These aren't so bad but I did get a little messy with the others. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!