Sunday, May 24, 2009

SpaRitual, Fall In Love

Fall in love is right! This is an awesome copper polish! This is a dark copper shade, loaded with green shimmer! You can't see the shimmer in the pics (of coarse cuz that would be way to much to ask!) but you can totally see it on the nails... in real life that is. I don't remember why I ordered this one, but I soooooo glad I did! This is 3 coats no base, no top.


  1. This is an interesting color, I don't think I saw much of this color, and it fit you so well !

  2. I've never really heard of, or seen Spa Ritual before. You picked out some great colours though. I like them all but Fall In Love is particularly beautiful and definitely something I would love to wear.

  3. Copper with green, oh I love this one!

  4. This is a really pretty copper. Love it on you.

  5. Tuli - thanks! I love a good copper!

    Helen - I've only seen them on The Nailphile before ..I think, Thanks I've been contemplating my color choices for this order for months lol! I think your nails would looks amazing in this!

    Clockwork - This is super cool! I think you would love this too!

    Lucy - Thanks I love coppers!


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