Sunday, May 24, 2009

SpaRitual, Solitude

This is Solitude. I was surprised when I got this in the mail. I didn't expect this to be purple. I though from pics I had seen that this would be a blue color. But it is in fact a very greyed purple jelly polish. I really like this one! I know we've all seen tons of these colors, but this is unlike anything I have in my collection. This is 3 coats no base, no top.


  1. It looked blue to me too, until I read what you wrote, but both ways, it looks beautiful :-)

  2. Hmmm...interesting! I thought it was more blue too. But I can tell from the pics it is more purple with the gray.

  3. This looks like an unusual color. I'm not exactly sure what color this is. It's very pretty whether is blue or purple. Where did you order Spa Ritual polish from?

  4. Tuli - Isn't that just crazy! It is very special.

    Velvet - It really is...... Interesting LOL!

    Lucy - I got these from I found that they were having a deal from Mary's tip jar on Body and Soul. They are having a 20% of sale thru tomorrow discount code MAY20 (thanks Mary!) Also if you sign up for the friends and family code they send you a code via email, to get 10% of all the time so if you do this and order tommorrow than you can use both codes! Normally these polishes are $10 each.


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