Thursday, June 25, 2009

All my Haul's .....Lately

I totally forgot this one ..This is my Diamond Cosmetic's Haul! And they Gave me a free lip gloss how cool is that!
Here we have the Barry M's that Helen sent me! She's so awesome! She also sent me this yummy candy and a super cute Hello Kitty Nail file! How did she know I love Hello Kitty?

How cute is this!

Next two are Big Lots finds......

Head2toe haul

I have wanted theses forever! I just need 3 more and I have the whole set!

These are very pretty! And I got them on sale with coupons! Only 1.99 each!

Found some random Wet N Wild Chromes!

DS polishes are aways good in my book!

Not sure about these light colors ...but I got them on sale so figured I'd give them a try.

My Zoya's including those Mattes and Roxy!

These are the freebies I got with my Zoya order, I love that!

L'oreal's I got these Buy one get one free! I wanted the coral/orange one but couldn't find it anywear!

These are the HD color's I just had to have! I wanted all of them of course but that's way to much money! oh and a cool wet n wild I got for .49cents!

Broke down and got the Man Glaze lol!

Estee Lauder's

I love this Sephora Polish!

This is cooler in person.

I forgot to get a bottle pic of this one so this cropped pic is all I have for now. This is super cool and I bought both bottles they had on display! Next to pics are my Del Sol Haul doesn't change colors....But I'll share that story another time!

These are called Wild n Crazy ...another ebay haul.Neon pink Sinful I didn't have yet.
Some Borghese.......

You've already seen these Mac's ....

Some Orly's

These are from Wet Seal......

All the rest of the pics are of stuff my Sis picked up for me from the Dollar store, big lots, Wal Mart and of course her work Forever 21. Oh and I checked again, you can order polish from the website it's just super hard to find!

Big Lots....

Wal Mart......

Dollar Store.......Matte's Grey and Gold!

So that's what I've acquired lately! Hope you enjoyed my haul!


  1. Holy crap - is that the biggest haul I've ever seen?! Could be!! Am very intrigued by that Maybelline on the right in the photo above. And all of it in general - that'll def keep you busy!

    So glad that the stuff made it safely to you! Can't wait to see what you think of the Barry Ms! I didn't know you loved Hello Kitty, I just saw it and thought it was a perfect way to say hi!

  2. Yes ManGlaze! You are so going to love those! Zoya's as well ^^ The Barry M's look amazing, such an amazing haul can not wait to see those Barry M's and the Sally Hansen swatched especially.

  3. I am so sorry you couldn't find the orange loreal!! that one is so nice. :c(

    Your hauls are legendary!!! It's inspiring me to go buy buy buy!!

  4. Wow. Just. Wow. What an inspiration. I've already out grown my little 3 drawer plastic container I bought at Big Lots to house my polish. I can see I will be buying more. I never think about hitting the mall..... guess I have some shopping to do.

    I'm SO jealous that you found those box sets at Big Lots. All my Big Lots had recently was 2 packs of Revlon sheers.

  5. Helen - very busy lol, I totally forgot my diamond cosmetics haul! That maybelline is called Khaki Fringe.

    Clockwork - I just had to have the man glaze! The Sally hansen is awesome and the Barry m's too. It's really hard to decided what color I want to wear. I wind up with bare nails alot!

    Laquer Laine - I'm not giving up on that orang yet! lol! I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! lol! I (almost) never pay full price, that's my rule lol!

    Nosaby -lol! Look for deals! Oh I had one of those for my stash before too!

    That was the first time I've been to Big Lots! My sis went and they didn't have any polish. I was hoping to find Revlon's lol!

  6. Dude! That is some major haulage! You'll have plenty to post about for the next 6 months :)

  7. Good God Kitty that is a fantastic haul! You will be swatching forever. Least I hope you'll be. Nice polishes from Big Lots. I guess going there is all down to luck. I'd like to see all those Borghese polishes. They are very pretty colors. Never used that brand. I know the makeup was sold in the Mall's cosmetics department. They were a high end cosmetic. I don't even know if they still sell in the Mall's. I was really suprised to see this line in CVS. All those pretty colors to look and play with. Yummy chocolate to eat while doing it. Have a nice weekend.

  8. Oooh did you include the Diamonds for our swap in the photo? How exciting!!

  9. HOLY wow! That is just too much fun and may be some of the best hauling I've seen yet! I love it all. Hehe, and want to see them all swatched!

  10. It's so unladylike to drool... to hell with ladylike.

    I recently hauled a bunch of Del Sol polishes as well and two of mine were not quite duds but didn't change too much too quickly (and never reached the color they were supposed to). Scrangie posted about Del Sol's "double replacement" guarantee (she's included their phone number on her blog) and after a couple of emails back and forth, I'm getting replacements for both PLUS two others. All you have to do is talk to someone in customer service and then send an email with photos of the dud polish in daylight.

  11. Tagged you for an award! :)

  12. Only didn't I enjoy your haul, I LOVE your haul! My gosh, that's so many cool and beautiful polishes! I'm very very jealous! ;)

  13. OMG, I've never seen an haul like these ! LOL

    It will be hard to choose which polish to use :p

  14. Mary - I hope so! As I won't be buying to much more for awhile!

    Lucy - I will swatch polish until the day I die lol!

    Helen - No I kept your polishes out of the photo, but I am sending you 2 extra from the pic, They are very pretty but not my style. they are Dirty & Flirty and canyon sunset. I think you will like them.

    Anonymous - lol! I did all of those things and they sent me 1 replacement bottle and it doesn't work either!

    Natalie - Thank you!!!!!! I will do my nominations soon!

    Alexlyndra - Thank you! I know what you mean I get jealous when I see other peoples hauls too, lol!

    Celine - It is super hard to decided what polishes to use next!

  15. Kitty - I have just done a massive spin on my office chair! Dirty & Flirty?? Really! Wooowww! I saw this on Scrangie's blog and have been kicking myself ever since for not ordering it. And Canyon Sunset too? Thankyou- You are my hero!

  16. Helen - Your welcome! I saw the 2 polishes and new you would like them! I hope to get that package in the mail very soon!


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