Thursday, June 25, 2009

All my Haul's .....Lately

I totally forgot this one ..This is my Diamond Cosmetic's Haul! And they Gave me a free lip gloss how cool is that!
Here we have the Barry M's that Helen sent me! She's so awesome! She also sent me this yummy candy and a super cute Hello Kitty Nail file! How did she know I love Hello Kitty?

How cute is this!

Next two are Big Lots finds......

Head2toe haul

I have wanted theses forever! I just need 3 more and I have the whole set!

These are very pretty! And I got them on sale with coupons! Only 1.99 each!

Found some random Wet N Wild Chromes!

DS polishes are aways good in my book!

Not sure about these light colors ...but I got them on sale so figured I'd give them a try.

My Zoya's including those Mattes and Roxy!

These are the freebies I got with my Zoya order, I love that!

L'oreal's I got these Buy one get one free! I wanted the coral/orange one but couldn't find it anywear!

These are the HD color's I just had to have! I wanted all of them of course but that's way to much money! oh and a cool wet n wild I got for .49cents!

Broke down and got the Man Glaze lol!

Estee Lauder's

I love this Sephora Polish!

This is cooler in person.

I forgot to get a bottle pic of this one so this cropped pic is all I have for now. This is super cool and I bought both bottles they had on display! Next to pics are my Del Sol Haul doesn't change colors....But I'll share that story another time!

These are called Wild n Crazy ...another ebay haul.Neon pink Sinful I didn't have yet.
Some Borghese.......

You've already seen these Mac's ....

Some Orly's

These are from Wet Seal......

All the rest of the pics are of stuff my Sis picked up for me from the Dollar store, big lots, Wal Mart and of course her work Forever 21. Oh and I checked again, you can order polish from the website it's just super hard to find!

Big Lots....

Wal Mart......

Dollar Store.......Matte's Grey and Gold!

So that's what I've acquired lately! Hope you enjoyed my haul!