Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mac, Molasses

Today I have for your viewing pleasure, MAC's Molasses. This is a dark brown jelly polish with micro particles of the same color. Kinda hard to explain, The particles are kind of a shimmer but only in very bright sunshine, otherwise this looks like a high gloss cream. This is a very pretty color, but not really my thing as I tend not to wear browns. This is 3 coats, no base, no top. What do you think of this one Helen? Good or bad?

On a side note. Life has been crazy busy with the kids out of school and me trying to organize the house and all that. So I haven't had a chance to answer any comments yet, I hope to get to that soon. Also good news, I mentioned before that my sister is moving to Las Vegas soon, well when she goes she will be taking her camera with her. So last night I ordered a camera! Cross you fingers it's decent! I hope soooooo much that it, takes god pics!!!!

I have one more MAC to show you (hopefully tonight!) Then before I show you ELF I'm gonna do a quick post on hauls! I've been ordering like crazy and I got some AWESOME Barry M's from Helen to show you too! I'm on another no buy.......for now! he he