Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mac, Molasses

Today I have for your viewing pleasure, MAC's Molasses. This is a dark brown jelly polish with micro particles of the same color. Kinda hard to explain, The particles are kind of a shimmer but only in very bright sunshine, otherwise this looks like a high gloss cream. This is a very pretty color, but not really my thing as I tend not to wear browns. This is 3 coats, no base, no top. What do you think of this one Helen? Good or bad?

On a side note. Life has been crazy busy with the kids out of school and me trying to organize the house and all that. So I haven't had a chance to answer any comments yet, I hope to get to that soon. Also good news, I mentioned before that my sister is moving to Las Vegas soon, well when she goes she will be taking her camera with her. So last night I ordered a camera! Cross you fingers it's decent! I hope soooooo much that it, takes god pics!!!!

I have one more MAC to show you (hopefully tonight!) Then before I show you ELF I'm gonna do a quick post on hauls! I've been ordering like crazy and I got some AWESOME Barry M's from Helen to show you too! I'm on another no buy.......for now! he he


  1. Love it! I really like MAC polishes, their colors are usually quite unique. Not always, but usually. What type of camera did you order? It's always hard for me to pick out a new one, so many choices.

  2. Wow. I never would have thought I'd like a brown nail polish, but that is actually nice.

  3. Ya buy....hahaha....good luck with that ! LOL
    And I'll cross my fingers for a decent camera - I'm sure it would be great :-)
    Can't wait to see your last hauls !!

  4. I love this polish. I like browns. Hope your camera is good. I know you don't want any complaints on your photos. Can't wait to see your haul. A no buy Kitty, good luck!

  5. Oooh how fabulous. Dark & treacley. It's lovely, Kitty.

  6. Mary - I just got it today! It's an SVP. I've never heard of the brand before. It's charging Right now.

    Nosaby -I think you have to find the shade that's just right.

    Tuli - lol You know me too well!

    Lucy - Thanks! I know, I want to have good pics still. No buy for me is like no more than 3 bottles at a time lol!

    Helen - I'm glad you like it I'm gonna send you this one if that's okay?

  7. Whoooo yes please! If that's ok? How kind of you! It'll be my first MAC, how exciting!


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