Friday, June 12, 2009

Mac, Phosphor

I've actually already posted this polish before, but that was with the camera phone pics and this polish deserves better! So this begins my series on Mac polishes! I only have a few. This is one of my all time favorite polishes! This is 3 coats, no base, no top. this is the coolest yellow ever! I actually need a back up for this. I've only done a full mani with this once. But my Sis loves this polish and has gone through about a third of it, and I've only had this about 2 months. She's getting ready to move to Vegas to be with her BF so I'm hoping to find another bottle, so I can send her with one!

On another note I wanted to ask my readers what polish Brand they would like to see from my stash. I know I could do an official poll, but I don't want to fuss with that so I'm gonna list all the brands that I have (or can remember!) and you guys let me now in a comment what you would like to see next (after the Mac's).

Orly, Essie, Barielle, Carolyn New York, Maybelline, L'oreal, Revlon, Sally Hansen, L.A . Girl Flare (I have more), Man Glaze, China Galze (I have alot of these!), OPI (I have alot of these!) Seporha OPI, Color Club, Misa, Jessie's Girl, E.L.F., Sinful Colors, Icing, Claire's (I have a couple more), Zoya, Borghese, Nars, Wild and Crazy, Wet n wild, Sation, Jade (I have more!) Hot topic, Rimmel, Wet seal polishes ( I can't remember the name lol!), That's All I can remember for now lol! I'm sitting outside so I can't dig through my stash to make sure I got them all, but I think thats it?

So If anyone would like to see a certain brand please let me know! And I will start swatching!


  1. BEST. YELLOW. EVER. If it glowed in the dark - which I totally think it would do - I would love it forever. XD

    More OPI colors, please! My country only stocks reds, pinks, and neutrals, which are pretty but can get boring after a time, so I'd love to see the funkier shades in action.

  2. I'd like to see some of the E.L.F polishes... I have tried to purchase some of these lately, but haven't been able to.

    LOVE this yellow, btw!! :D

  3. Cool color! Wow, it pops! I'd like to see the Barielle polishes.

  4. I love this Mac color. When did this come out? I missed it. Maybe I wasn't buying Mac yet. It's an amazing color. I hope someone read this a can suggest a dupe for this color. I'd like to see Carolyn New York. I have some of this brand. You don't see to many swatched.

  5. I think it's the coolest yellow I've ever seen ! I'm not sure I could wear this color (I never wear yellows) but hey, I also never wore orange 'till you
    I think it looks great on you !!!

    And about what I'd like to see, I don't mind - I love them all !! Maybe some Sinfuls, 'cause I haven't saw swatches of them in a while...

  6. What a glow in this one! Love it!

  7. I would like to see your Jessie's Girl - I just stumbled across some the other day - which is rare, I have a hard time finding that in my area, so I'm curious about those.
    This yellow kinda reminds me of Lemonade Stand By Your Man from OPI - I wonder how close they are?

  8. I just ordered five of the Zoya's, so how about ELF, to go on the cheap end?

  9. Angie - Sounds good, I have a lot of darks in opi's and some brights. I will try and pick some out. let me know if there's anything you want to see and I will looo to see if I have it!

    Velvet - I've been dying to do some Barielle's! I will add this to my list!

    Lucy - This MAC came from their Sci-fi collection I don't now when it cam out, I bought mine on Ebay. I plan to look thru my collection and see if anything comes close. CNY, is another great idea! I will add this one to the list too!

    Olivia C. - I only have 5 oth these I think. But I think ELF is a great idea! Might do these first.

    Tuli - I have a lot of these, but I think this is a good one. I will get to these too!

    Alexlyndra - It's so amazing!

    Nicole - Great choices, I have a handful of these so that will be easy! I don't have that OPI to compare with, But I think the make is brighter and more opaque from what I've seen.

    Missy Pratt - ELF It is! I will do this one first. I just ordered some Zoya's too!

    Sorry this got a little mixed up in the order lol! Dang little boxes!

  10. Woah! So bright!

    i don't have a preference for what's next - I'm jusy happy to look and admire whatever you come up with!


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