Monday, June 15, 2009

Mac, $$$$$ Yes

I love this color! I heard some bloggers didn't care for it. But chrome is my thing! And this one was great for me! I think mine was a little on the thick side, (I got this on ebay) but a good shake and it worked well enough. This is two coats no base, no top. This does have brush strokes but that tends to disappear when it dries (and a top coat always helps). I need to do a comparison to Revlon's Lily chrome and see if this is a dup. Might be. I believe both polishes are hard to come by but ebay is a great place to find either of these.

Also I wanted to mention that the next series will be:

1. ELF (I only have 5)

2.Jessies Girl (I only have 6)

3. Carolyn New York (13)

4. Barielle (14)

5. Sinful (some)

6.OPI (some)

7.China Glaze (some)