Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NYX, Dark Red Glitter

This turned out to be a very pleasant surprise! This is a lot like Asphalt, Just in red. This is a red jelly base with tons of glitter in different colors and sizes! This is 3 coats, could have used 4, or maybe a red base? This has no base and no top coat.


  1. Well since I have 2 I'm glad to see it's a nice color! Glad you said how many coats. Really a pretty color on you.

  2. That is another great one for layering, although it look fine by itself. I'd like to see it over black.

  3. Woow, I saw a polish like this from OPI or China Glaze but I never found it. Maybe I'll go with this one!

  4. Ooh yeah I think that would look awesome over black. Really nice colour on you.

  5. Lucy - It's very cool! Have you thought of doing a polish swap or something?

    Mary - I'm always forgeting, what a great idea that is! I never think to do that with tinted base polishes!

    Alexlyndra - I think this one is awesome and a lot less money!

    Helen - Thanks! I will try that black Idea!

  6. This one will probably look good layered over all different colors of polish's.... I like how there is the different sizes in of glitter in this polish, too.


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