Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NYX, Juliette & Paradise

Here we have another 2 colored post, From left to right we have Juliette & Paradise They are very similar in color so I thought I show you them together. These are 3 thin coats each, no base, no top.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I did get a chance to read your blogs today I just didn't get a chance to comment this time around, sorry about that life has just been crazy! And hot, 85 today! My daughter is doing well and just needs to rest, I'm still waiting for the specialist to give me a call after they've had a chance to check out the x-rays. But I'm pretty sure she will be okay :)

This is also the last of the wonderful NYX polishes! I have tons of stuff swatched so I don't know what I'm gonna show next! (or when I'll get a chance to post again lol!)
First up we have Paradise, A very pretty true blue shimmer. The shimmer in this is very fine and seems to have some gold in it, just enough to make this glow!

Here we have Juliette, This color leans more to the turquoise side. This has pretty green shimmer in it. This reminds me a lot of Jungle except much lighter colors here. I love this color quite a bit!


  1. I like these two. Pretty colors on you. I hope I have these!

  2. They're both pretty and I love when there's a gold shimmer in any color. Turquoise's, especially! Glad to hear your daughter's doing better.

  3. The gold makes it pop out more, these are both cute shades. Good to hear your daughter is doing well! ^^

  4. So glad your daughter is doing ok. Those colours are great- really unusual.

  5. Lucy - I hope you have these too! They are great colors!

    Mary - Thanks! I agree. I love gold shimmer, well maybe not as much in purple, for me looks like I'm a zombie!

    Clockwork- Thanks so much!

    Helen - They really are, Thanks!!

  6. I like every single one of these NYX's you have shown us. Thanks for swatching all of these.

  7. Great comparison swatches! I think I have Jungle lying around here somewhere, will have to dig it out of the drawer ;)


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