Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Awards are awesome! (Kitty is kinda lame lol :)

Okay so I cant figure out how to get the Adorable Blog Award image uploaded? Weird I know, but I was nominated for this award by 4 awesome bloggers and wanted to show some love! (even if I don't have the image lol!) Those super awesome gals are:
http://nailpolishninja.blogspot.com/ -Angie
http://lacquerlaine.blogspot.com/ -Elaine
http://bringonthebling.blogspot.com/ -Velvet
http://tulinail.blogspot.com/ - Tuli

I also received some super cool awards from Natalie at http://nanisnails.blogspot.com/
As I can't figure out how to do these. I just am gonna say a big thank you! And maybe later down the road I will figure out how to get the images!

Okay I know this is totally lame without the image and everything but I'm gonna pick my nominations anyway! I wanna nominate The 5 blogs above as they are all super cool and I think I can if I want, right? Also her is the rest of my nominations!


I know It's a super long list, but I really do think these blogs are great. I feel super lame that I don't have the image and everything to go with this post so I'm not gonna leave comments for anyone but I hope everyone reads this post and knows how much I enjoy their blogs. Also I want to mention that I do really enjoy the big name bloggers as well, I just didn't nominate any as I figure they get awards all the time anyways.

And a big sorry for my absence lately. I've been super busy with life but I'm back now and can't wait to show you guys some great stuff! Hope every one had a great week!!!!

I will post my last two e.l.f. polishes tommorrow and then Jessie's Girl and Carolyn New York next!