Friday, July 24, 2009

Carolyn New York Polish, West Village & Lincoln Center

West Village is a very pretty fire engine red! Just perfect and look at all that gloss! This is 3 coats, no top, no base.

Lincoln Center is just a shade lighter then WV, more like a tomato red. Very pretty and supper high gloss too!


  1. I can't get over how glossy these are! That's a great shade on you.

  2. this brand got beautiful shades of red :-) and the gloss - amazing!

  3. Fire engine red indeed! I like how glossy it looks. It also reminds me of the 40's or 50 era. It looks nice with your skin tone.

  4. its so shinny.. i looooove it... ive never heard of this brand but im a fan of it now

  5. Mary - they are so super glossy!

    Inbal - I agree they are nice!

    Helen - Thanks! ...I like, I like!

    Velvet - oh Your right! perfect era for this!

    Tiffany - This brand Rocks!!!!!!

  6. When these were on sale I ignored the reds since I have a bunch. Darn these are beautiful reds. They are super shiny. I haven't worn this brand in awhile. I almost wore one last week. They really look pretty on you.

  7. Lucy - I got mine on sale too. I just ordered the 10 darkest shades they had and hoped they where good! Looks like the still hav e the sale going on. But they are $1 each instead of $1.25. but I'm not sure.


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