Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lippmann Polish, Dark Side Of The Moon

Today we have a deep, dark, vampy plum. I love this color! This is the only Lippmann polish I have (so far!). I just love the formula on this, smooth and easy! This is 2 coats, no base, no top.

And a quick note for anyone wanting to pick up some Jesse's Girl polishes you can check out their website it's They have free us shipping on orders over $20! And they do ship internationally. Polishes are $2.99 USD and I love their loose pigments (Eye dust). I haven't placed an order online before..... but with free shipping and an even larger selection to choose from I think I just might have too! He He!

Also I do plan on doing my CNY Line next, just wanted to show a few things inbetween. I'm off to take the kids to The Bite of Seattle! I'm gonna eat everything that looks good! I'll take some picks and post them tonight maybe! Happy Sunday!


  1. Such a beautiful deep plum shade! I like their bottles, for some reason. Have fun and eat lots of good food!

  2. I loooove vampy color like this !

  3. Your nails look gorgeous. Very vampy and don't get bit! I hoped you enjoyed your meal with the kids. I just bought the special collection with Superstar in it. I just own those three. The Funky Monkey is the worst polish I've ever seen. Just looks like you have lumpy nails. This shade is lovely. The FM is hideous.

  4. Mary - I like the bottle too, It fits nicely in your hand I think. We had a great time and eat tons of yummy food! I miss being able to comment on your blog! Oh and I love the lip stain idea i think I might try that one out!

    Celine - me too! They make me weak in the knees!

    Lucy - Thanks!!! We did, it was so good to eat all we could! I wanted to get that collection too but I heard FM was terrible so I didn't order it. I think I will have to pass on that collection!

  5. Ooh hope everything was tasty! I like the look of this one a lot.

  6. Clockwork - Oh yeah it was all GOOD! It is super pretty!


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