Monday, August 31, 2009

Barielle Polish, Spirited

Today I have for you a very pretty coral/peach color with tons and tons of shimmer! Okay I know this looks super orange, and in the sun it is very bright and sparkly but this really is a coral color with orange and peach thrown in. But I honestly love the full on sun look, myself! Check out the last pic to see what this looks like indoors. This one was 2 to 3 coats no base, no top.

Also, tommorrow is my daugther Alanna's 9th Birthday! We are celebrating with a shopping trip at the mall. She hopes to find some new clothes and I hope to find some Awesome deals on polish...... Wish us luck!!!! Have a great evening!


  1. Oooooo, that is so pretty!!! *drool*

  2. I really like that! Reminds me of caramel! :D

  3. That's a fantastic color. Looks gorgeous on you. Happy Birthday Alanna!!!! Have a wonderful birthday. Hope you find some nice polishes Kitty.

  4. this is a happy color :-)
    happy birthday to Alanna! :-)
    my dauther is 8 and a half (and a huge Hanna Montana fan :P )

  5. Ooh, what a bright and sunny polish, it's gorgeous! Happy birthday to Alanna and I bet y'all will have lots of fun shopping! Can't wait to see what you pick up.

  6. Gildedangle - Thanks :)

    Angie - yummy!

    Lucy - Thanks, we had a blast! I found a few!

    Nicole - Oh we did!! We had tons of fun!


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