Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Think Your An awesome Girl Award.....

Again I have no idea how to get the image for this,so I don't have one. Sorry I know that's lame! I was nominated for this by Lambchop Mobile check out her cool blog!

Okay here are the 10 things about me....

1. I don't watch TV, haven't for many years.

2. I don't drive, I walk or bus it everywhere.

3. I love dark chocolate!

4. I don't have a favorite color, I pretty much love them all!

5. I gave birth to 2 of my children at home. My first was at the hospital.

6. I got pregnant the night of my senior prom! I know it's like a 80's movie lol!

7. I refuse to dye my hair and I cut it myself.

8. I love all music, but I love Aretha Franklin the most.

9. My dad and sister needed a place to live and moved in with me back in January, my mom needed a place to stay and moved in with me around the end of March. She is renting a cabin for the month of September but will probably be back at the end of the month. My BF was arrested for a DUI and has been in Work Release since July 1st and will be home again at the end of the month. I'm very unhappy about all of this, but hey what can you do, Right.

10. I started this blog by accident! I hit the create blog button on accident, then I thought what the hell I can use this as a diary or something. That way I could at least create a blog list and have much easier access to all my reading material. It wasn't until after I lost my camera (about a month later) that I started blogging about polish. I used my crappy camera phone for the pic's in my first 75 or so post.

I can't get my link thing to work for some reason!!!! argh!!!! so I'm just gonna type the name of the blogs I nominate. I know still lame sorry!

Body and Soul
Iceomatic's Nails
Tuli's Nail Polish and Stuff
Helen and Sheenie's Nice Things
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Black nail polis and lip gloss

Okay ladies I hope to learn alittle more about you!