Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CHI, My Little Back Book

I love this color! This was swatched Awhile ago but I love it soooo! This is a black with hint's of indigo and green. This to me is what ink looks like! If you've ever wanted black candles that look black when they melted but were kinda greenish/blue instead then you know what this color looks like. LOVE IT!!! Anyway, this had great application and needed to or three coats, no base. 1 coat SV.

The next day was the begining of the end...............

That's all I have to day. Hope your day/night is a good one!


  1. What a lovely color, I am sorry about your nail breaking!

  2. Gorgeous black/inky color. I'm sorry about that break, it looks like one of those painful ones that are on the nailbed. Heres to a quick recovery!

  3. It's a very nice color and...ouch! sorry about your nail breaking.

  4. Your poor nail! Hate it when that happens.
    Great color. I've been intrigued about the CHI polish but I've never been able to get my hands on it!

  5. Ooh, that's looks like it hurt! Your poor nail. That's a nice shade, so shiny and pretty on you. Don't your nails get stained from not using a base coat?


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