Friday, December 4, 2009

Revlon, KhakiZING .....Is awesome!

Hello dear readers! Today I have an oldie for ya'll. This is the amazing and super awesome KhakiZING. This is from like 4 or 5 yrs ago I think....not sure? But this is a kick A$$ Duochrome, that changes from purple to green with lots of gold and even a bluish tone at times! This is so cool! I can't stop sayin' that! Ha Ha anywho if you can find this get it! This is 2 coats, no base 1 coat SV.

I know a lot of these pics are blurry......Sorry about that it was night and I was more concerned with capturing the color change then clarity. Let me know what you think of this one! Anyone else love it?


  1. Great colour!

    For those who like this and cannot find it anymore, Nubar Peacock Feathers is very close to this one. And it is gorgeous too ;)

  2. wow - it really shows alot of different colors - neat!

  3. wow! so hard to believe that it's the same polish in all the photos! amazing! I never saw this one before, and as a duochrome lover - I fell for it... :-)

  4. Love this! Of course, I'm way late to collecting polish, so I never saw this. And I never find anything good in my Dollar Trees and Big Lots but I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway!

  5. I've never seen this one. I'm glad I have the Nubar Peacock Feathers. Looks lovely on you. I never find much good at the Dollar Trees either. I keep hoping. Have a nice weekend sweetie.

  6. That is amazing! I love the color change!

  7. I'm a big fan of all the Revlon ¨Zing-colours¨.
    I have most of them, and love them very much. Actually, Revlon has made a lot of really great polishes in my opinion. I'm always happy when I find a new special colour by Revlon.

  8. Wow ! This color is awesome ! Me
    I'll try to look for it here,I'm supposed to go to the mall this week so I'll write me a note with its name, also unfortunately we don't have all the colors here.

  9. Yarisse - I dug out my Peacock Feathers and will do a comparision soon.

    Gildedangle - So is!!!

    Deeznails - It really is a ~super~cool~color~changer!

    Inbal - This is super hard to find! I hope you can get something close to it!

    Nicole - That's so funny, Because when I got this I wasn't a nail polish addict yet this was like my 10th bottle!

    Lucy - thanks I did! I only rarely find anything good at my dollar tree too! But ocasionally I get the good stuff! (not this one tho)

    Mighty Lambchop - It really is!

    Polish Pig - I would love to see them! I only have this one! What are the other ones called?
    I love revlon too!

    Tuli - This one would be almost impossible for you to find I think. Ebay maybe Idk? How often do you come across old LE or discontinued polish?

  10. Let's see, I have CitrusZing, KhakiZing, PeachZing, RoseZing and VioletZing.
    On my lemming list are TangyZing, KiwiZing and CherryZing, so saying I have most of them were a little premature. I don't know if there is more "Zings" out there, these are the ones I've seen so far.


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