Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sinful, Pink Ocean

Hey everyone sorry about my absence. This has been a crazy time for me! I got sick about a week and a half ago and am still a little under the weather. Also I had my rent check stolen, washed and cashed, right out of my mail box! No worries I'm gettin' it all worked out with the bank. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! I'm having a terrible time gettin' my hands on presents. Everything on my list is sold out! Argh! It's okay tho, think I found good alternatives.

Here we have one of the flakies from Sinful this is a very sheer light pink with opal flakies. This worked out really well! Looks way cooler in person! I think this was 4 coats with 2 coats SV, to smooth things out. And these pics are from August so no my nails aren't grown out yet, lol! But they are growing ...some.