Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sinful, Pink Ocean

Hey everyone sorry about my absence. This has been a crazy time for me! I got sick about a week and a half ago and am still a little under the weather. Also I had my rent check stolen, washed and cashed, right out of my mail box! No worries I'm gettin' it all worked out with the bank. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! I'm having a terrible time gettin' my hands on presents. Everything on my list is sold out! Argh! It's okay tho, think I found good alternatives.

Here we have one of the flakies from Sinful this is a very sheer light pink with opal flakies. This worked out really well! Looks way cooler in person! I think this was 4 coats with 2 coats SV, to smooth things out. And these pics are from August so no my nails aren't grown out yet, lol! But they are growing ...some.


  1. Oh I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well and about your rent check, I hope you feel better soon :-)
    I love how cute this polish look, very delicate but yet its glitter gives it a nice presence.

  2. Really pretty polish.

    Sorry to hear about your check. Something like that happened to my ex & I when we were first living together. Luckily, it got straightened out pretty quick, mostly due to my ex spelling our landlord's name totally wrong, so proving some one else had stolen it and cashed it at a grocery store (which they shouldn't have been able to do in the first place) was super easy.

  3. OMG, girl that is ridiculous! I'm so sorry you went through all that. I hope you're at least feeling better though - I came down with a wicked cold last week or so that I'm just now recovering from as well, but haven't had half of the tragedy you've had!
    This is one of the flakies I haven't been able to get my hands on - I did manage to get Green Ocean, but I'm lemming this and the blue, so pretty! I hope I'll be able to find them and snatch them up soon. With any luck some Walgreen's will have it floating around! Haha.

  4. Snazzy! That would be super fun to layer with.

    I'm so sorry for your recent troubles. Hope you feel better soon and everything works out okay with the bank. Stupid thieves! Any check I have to mail I just take directly to the Post Office because we have a lot of problems with check washers in my town too. Sending hugs your way, friend!

  5. So sorry Kitty. What rotten people there are in the world. Glad it's being taken care of. Love that polish. For $1.99 it's so worth it and more. Gorgeous polish.

  6. Thanks Ladies! You really did make me feel better and no worries everything is working it's self out!

    Oh and if I ever see these flakies I'm gonna snatch up everyone for giveaways, you can count on it!!!


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