Monday, January 25, 2010

Borghese Nail Lacquer, Pomino Plum

Hello and a good evening and/or mornin" to Ya! I'm posting this late at night knowing that I'm out of pic's and need to spend tomorrow doing some serious photo editing to find the rest of my swatches! This is also the last of my Borghese polishes. I did pick up Stellare Notte and wear it, I even think I took some pics, but I have no idea where they are now!?! Sorry! I will try and find those and get them up next! Also I wanted to mention with the whole manikin hands thing going on, that I've been totally Rockin' nudes, whites, greys, mushrooms and pastels lately. I know crazy for a girl who loves color, but I love the "brand new - fresh start" kinda vibe they give me. Also I haven't tried any of them and it's awesome to use these colors I normally pass up. ( I have lots!) Anyway, on to the polish!!!!

This is Pomino Plum, an awesome purple polish with pink and blue shimmer. I think this may be a dup for China Glaze, Coconut Kiss or Nubar's Pasadena Purple. Okay I had to pull out the three bottles just now and look, couldn't say that without lookin'. So looks like Pomino Plum has a much more wine/plum (hehe!) base than PP or CK. It seems to have a much stronger shimmer effect as well! Soooooo glad they aren't dupes!!! and sorry for the application I got sloppy. This was 2 coats, no base no top. :)

I'm gonna go paint my nails and pass out hope your Tuesday is awesome!!!!


  1. Love this shade of purple. Looks fabulous on you. I have the Nubar and the China Glaze. I'm sure there's something I own that looks something like this shade. I love the deep purples. I also love the mushroom shades. I don't wear them often but I still buy them.


Hello and thank you for your comment, I hope to start blogging regularly again soon. :)