Saturday, February 6, 2010

beauty Rush Nail Paint Victoria Secret, Tutu

Hello everyone Today i have a quick post as I'm on my way to the Mall with my kiddies. This is an off white jelly, with a Lt. pink tint. This is the polish that started off my current journey. I normally don't like these types. But this was really pretty! This was 3-4 coats, no top, no base.

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  1. How cute is that? I don't ordinarily care for those either but I love this! I've been liking a lot of neutrals lately.

  2. That is a great color on you!

  3. Nicole - Me too! This one was just right too.

    Gildedangle - Thanks!

    Tiffani - It kinda is, in a strange kinda way!

  4. Very pretty shade of neutral. I think are eyes are getting used to looking at these neutral shades being featured on the blogs. The more we see the more we like. I still love my dark shades the best. I really love any shade of polish. It's just the sheerness I object to. Looks very pretty on you.


Hello and thank you for your comment, I hope to start blogging regularly again soon. :)