Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Barielle Nail Polish, June Bug

Hello! I hope your enjoying the look of my blog today. I've been playing with the blogger in draft thing. And it's sooooo much fun! I probably be changing it a lot, just like my polish. Here we have June Bug, I believe this is a spring 2010 polish. June bug is a dusty light blue with large magenta/pink glitter. This also has a micro shimmer you can see this in bright sunlight or in my last two pics :) This was 2-3 coats, 1 coat SV.

I went looking for the bottle of this and it was missing! argh! Now I will have to go hunt this down. I just finished reorganizing my stash so if this got misplaced it could be anywhere. I'm also way over due for a 3rd Helmer, but, that will have to wait until I have the cash. This month is crazy busy with school functions and I'm hosting a huge yard sale at my house soon. Well, as soon as this horrible rain goes away! Normally it's pretty much blue sky's and sunshine this time of year but we've had rain for over a week and another storm on the way?! Anyhoo, I'm gettin' a lot of wear out of my fall colors this year!

Here you can see the polish in direct sunlight, The shimmer is very pretty! ....

Oh, A quick question before I go. Does anyone know if ALL black label OPI's are bad? Does that mean all green labels are big 3 free? Or is there gray matter here? Please remeber to comment and follow =)

Thanks and have a great day!