Monday, June 7, 2010

My Swap with Tuli, Sorry this is sooooo late!

Hey guys, hope your weekend was great! Mine was interesting. Today I just have a quick post for you. This is the amazing package I got form Tuli during our last swap. Isn't this just an amazing package! She sent so much for me and my kids! Lots more polish than she was suppose to, too! When I got this package it was right after my Birthday and I thought this is the best birthday surprise! Tuli is just the best! A big huge Thank You!!!! Goodies and some beauty supplies!...... (luv the gloss and eyeshadow)
My Beautiful polishes!!!! These are all numbered polishes. So no names. Comment me if you want the number of something and I will look for you.
Sorry no nail pics today. I'm headed back to the School today, my kids have a talent show after lunch that I wouldn't miss for the world! Then my son is getting a cracked tooth pulled....... Wish my little minions good luck!


  1. Wow, this is a great swap! Can't wait for swatches! <3

  2. Good luck !

    And I'm so glad to hear you loved the things I've sent you :-)))

    Kisses !

  3. I LOVE SWAPS!!!!!! great one!


  4. Tiana - It was the best swap ever!

    Tuli - Kisses!

    YardsSticks 4 Lunatics - Me too!

  5. Hope your sons tooth pulling didn't hurt! Nice swap. Tuli is a sweetheart. Can't wait till the swatches are shown.

  6. Lucy- He's a superhero in my book! He's doing just fine. Tuli is one of the nicest people I have ever meet online or in person! Her package was so amazing I almost cried!


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