Monday, June 28, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, Lapis Amethyst

Hello Everyone hope your weekend was good! Today I have a quick post for you. This is Lapis Amethyst from the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms collection. I wore this as my next mani from my giveaway collection. And I'm so glad I did! I luv this! I was afraid that this would be really sheer and turn out to be not much of a duochrome. But I was super wrong! I tried to capture the effect in my pics as best I can. This was 3 coats, Could've used just 2 coats but I was trying to build up depth since I figured the duochrome would be weak. Next time I will just use 2 coats. This is with 1 coat SV. P.s. My nails look awful! They have wraps on and are super dented but I said what the hell. F-it I must show this pretty anyways!
For you chance to win a new bottle of this polish and much more please enter my giveaway (link below)..... Tell all your friends hehehehe!


  1. Super-pretty with extra pretty-juice.

  2. The Prisms are so pretty! You've inspired my next mani. (I'm having one of those days where I cannot decide what color I want to use.) :)

  3. Ahh, I love the nail prisms and this is no exception :)

  4. Such a pretty and special color, I like it a lot !

  5. This is really a beautiful shade. Love the prism look of the polish. Your poor nails! Sometimes you just get into a bad nail period.

  6. Jaljen- Haha pretty Juicy. I like that!

    Rebekah - I do that all the time!

    Jo - Me too!

    Tuli - I agree!

    Lucy - My nails are always bad! lol!


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