Friday, June 11, 2010

Ulta Matte-Rial Girl Nail Polish, Slate Silk

Hello and a Happy Friday to you! I couldn't sleep last night. I'm running on fumes at this point! I was hoping to get tons of house work done today and now I just want to go back to bed! Today is another super grey, blah kinda day, but this weekend should be sunny and 75' ! I was hoping on getting my chores done today so I can enjoy this pretty weekend (the rain comes back Monday) So I will probably drink lots of coffee and force my way thru the day!

Anyhoo, This is the first polish I'm gonna show you from the Ulta Matte-rial girl Collection. These are all mini's and come in a set of four. Slate silk is a matte slate grey polish with silver sparkle. This applied great in 2 coats and had great drying time. I luv the textured look of these! Very cool and edgy! I also luv polishes that change depending on lighting and these do! In low light this is super matte like unpolished marble! In the sunshine even without a top coat these sparkle! luuuuuv it!

P.S. All pics taken with a SV bottle have a coat of SV.........

In the shade with top coat.........

In direct sunlight with top coat......

So has anyone else tried these? I only saw one set at Ulta before and that's the one I bought. I would luv to know if these are anything like OPI's sued collection? I don't have any of those ....yet. One day I hope to!!!! hehehehehe!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I've never tried this but I'm loving it. Sexy. :)

  2. Looks like the Zoya polish. I couldn't tell you which to save my life. I've been up all night and I guess I'll be up all day. Sometimes I get a nervous body. It feels like millions of ants are crawling inside my spine. I also have restless leg syndrome. Let's just say I'm a mess. I don't know how you go on like that having kids. Hope you finally did get some sleep. I love that polish. I have the Zoya mattes. Really love that suede-like finish. Have a nice weekend sweetie.

  3. This is a pretty one ! I have the OPI Suede and it seems to me very similar....I wouldn't buy the two of them.


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