Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Careline Nail polish, No Name #332

Hello! Today is sunny again! Happy Me!!!! I just have a quick post for you. This is one of the wonderful polishes that Tuli sent me in our last polish exchange. This is Careline #332 this is a white hot gold shimmer.... And I luv it!! This is so pretty sometimes it's a gold tone sometimes it's a silver. This was 2 thin coats one coat Seche Vite ("SV")... Have a great day. I know I will! :)~~~~


  1. Now that is a feat. Sometimes rosy, sometimes cooler. VERY nice.

  2. Really pretty. I've never seen that brand before.
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  3. Very pretty on you. Lately I've been going crazy over polishes with this finish. I just got the Milani Metal collection and Flash collection. Same type of finish. Tuli is a sweetheart.

  4. Jaljen - I agree it's soo cool!

    Susie1955- This brand is frome Israel, Tuli sent it to me during an exchange.

    Lucy - Nice! I got only 1 of the metals and 1 of the flash...I think is that the digital names' one? I hate being unemployed!

  5. I agree, Tuli is a SWEETHEART!!!


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