Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Milani Nail Polish 3-D Holographic, Hi-Tech

Hello Everyone!! I just have a quick late night post for you! This is Milani's Hi-Tech polish from their 3-D Holographic collection. This was 3 coats, 1 coat SV (seche vite top coat). I know that my pics here totally suck! But these where taken on a rainy, overcast day. I do plan to post better pics one day I swear. hehehe! I'm currently working on some comparison post so hopefully that happens as I'm running out of backup pics! I do have some online learning to do thru the temp agency I'm working with and as it's getting down the the wire here. I really need to focus on that and let blogging take a backseat right now. Sorry I haven't been reading or commenting on other blogs much lately but between trying to find a job, keeping the house semi-clean and trying to be a good parent and a good partner I just don't have much time left! Anywho.... don't forget to enter my giveaway Just about 48hrs to go!!!!!