Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sinful Nail Polish, Suede Shoes

Hello Friends! How is your week going so far? Good I hope! Today I have another great cheap Sinful polish. I have to say that although a lot of the older sinful polishes were of poor quality most now days are just fabulous especially with the price tag of $1.99! You just can't beat it. Also I just want to mention the only Sinful polishes that I've ever had a problem with are the duochormes the rest that I've tried have a great formula. Anyhow this is Suede Shoes, I used 4 thin coats with one coat SV top coat. This was more solid with little to no nail showing in person. Suede Shoes is a glitter polish in a cloudy base. The glitter is yellow/gold, green, with just a hint of periwinkle.   

On a more personal note I'm still looking for a 9-5, but I am now currently the newest employee for my local Dollar Tree! I'll only be working weekends so I can still get a good paying M-F to support my children, but since they spend every weekend over at their dad's And I have no money to do anything I figured I should just get a job. I start in about a week that's when my unemployment runs out. I'm hoping that I can get some good polishes too! hehehe!