Monday, November 22, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Nail Polish, Burgundy Orchid #23

Hello, Hope your Monday went well! We got are first real snow here in Seattle. It's Soooo Cold! lol! I have a great winter polish to share. This is Burgundy Orchid, from the Nail Prisms collection. This is the darkest of the prisms that I own and probably my latest fav of that collection. This polish has an amazing royal purple base that changes to a perfect wine. I LUV THIS POLISH! This was 3 coats with top coat. Please note that this polish looks a little more blue here in the first pic then in person.


  1. I wish I would have gotten all of these, I only have 2 of them. These are my top lemmings. It looks really nice on you. Glad your back :), but sucky that your out of work now :(.

  2. this is gorgeous! where did you get it? I love duochromes.

    and yes it is soooooooc cold. I'm in vancouver and i'm freezing my fingers off while I type this comment

  3. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick that's gorgeous!! :D And huh? wha? What does MissMidnightBlue mean by you're back but out of work? I wanna know! :/

  4. MissMidnightBlue - I have like 10 of these but they all aren't amazing lol! Just a handfull are. I wish I was working soooo bad!

    Shortwidenails - Vancouver, WA or BC? either way we are so close! I think I got this at Grocery Outlet. in a random mix bag of 10 salley hansen polishes for $5! they have them at ross sometimes too.

    AC - YES IT IS! haha, She Just means that I didn't blog for a really long time and she's glad I'm back to bloggin. :)

  5. Glad we don't have snow here yet. We've had some flurries in my part of NJ. Love this one. This is the prettiest one I've seen yet.

  6. Lucy - Miss you! That's how I feel too :)!


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