Friday, April 24, 2009

Chanel Gold Fiction ....My First Chanel!

So this is my first Chanel! I was so excited to get this, I love gold. I have like 10 diff. kinds but I just had to have this one too. It's like green I just have to have them all. so this is 3 coats with one SV on top. The application on this was perfect and dried very quickly. I thought this would be..... I don't now brighter maybe? but I'm still very happy with the color. I'm not sure if I have a dup for this or not? I think I might wear all of my golds until I have all of them posted and find out. I think I might do that with all my colors till I get caught up ......might take a year or two though. lol!

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  1. Pretty! I don't own any Chanel's. I just did'nt want to pay the price. Nice to know they apply well. How do they wear?


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