Monday, April 13, 2009

Lancome Midnight Glam, 2 coats with OPI DS base Coat and one coat of SV

Me and the BF went to the mall on Saturday. I wanted a Cinnabon. I talked the BF into checking out some polish at Nordstroms. It was super early in the morning and no one was there. It would have been nice except no one would help us. I finally got some one to help me at the Mac counter but they didn't have anything I! So I went over to Macy's and lucky me, I found this gem at the Lancome counter!
So on with the polish this polish is gorgeous in the bottle, just stunning! The light catches and makes this polish truly glow from within, at least it dose in the bottle. As you can see from my first picture, It doesn't really glow on the nails. I think in the summer on a very sunny day this polish will glow but for now it's just another nice dark blue. I should mention that both times I took a bath with this polish on, my nails glowed under water. (I have a sun roof in my bathroom so maybe this helped?)


  1. Ooh, that is pretty! I love polishes that seem to be 'glowy'. I've not seen this one before :)

  2. WOW! Thanks For the comment! Me Too! I love a polishes that makes my nails glow!


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