Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Claire's, Mixables in Green

This is a pretty fun idea and when I saw these, last summer, I just had to give them a try. I picked up this one and one in pink. Also I've never tried to take pics of neon's before lol! Most of my post coming up are neon's so please bear with me if my nails look radioactive lol!

These bottles come with a little tag that reads : "mixables 3 in 1 color surprise, don't shake" it should also read don't lay on side or turn upside down. So these don't do anything for me. Just your average neon green, the brush on these doesn't actually reach the bottom color. I haven't gotten any more of these, but they are nice polishes, just not "super cool color surprises" that I hoped they'd be. This is 3 coats, no base, no top.


  1. What a cool neon green! That's too bad it didn't exibit anything amazing,color wise.

  2. I love this color. All the Claire's I've seen I really like. Are you suppossed to have another color in the next level?

  3. Velvet - This is the best neon green I have. I know, I was hoping for streaks of blueish color or something?

    Lucy - Yeah its green - yellow - blue ......but it's just green. lol!

  4. This is a cool green, but it is kind of a shame that it doesn't look unique on the nails as it appear to be in the bottle :-)

  5. Tuli - I know it was a sad day for me, when I first tried it but it's a great neon anyways!


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