Friday, May 22, 2009

Claire's, Yellow Neon

Can you say Radioactive? Neon's are so hard to photograph! But these are the best of what I have for pics. This is pretty accurate color though, just not quite as glowing in really life. This is 4 coats and was a little streaky, But worth the effort. I did these swatches before I got Funky Limelight so I don't have that to compare now, but I'll work on that soon. This color isn't just neon, it's super crazy see me in the dark neon! If you like neon's I say you have to have this one! This is with no base and no top. This is also the last of my Claire's! I did pick up a few more since I started this series, but those can wait till later. Next up we have Nubar :)