Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nubar's In Purple

So........ I wanted to say that all of the purples I picked up from Nubar with the exception of Pasadena Purple are very original and unlike anything I have in my collection. Having said that I have to say this is my least favorite Nail polish brand ever. I know that I will be stoned, and probably beheaded by my fellow blogger's for the damnation of this brand! But I just had a terrible time trying to apply this, other than Purple Rain, all of these polishes applied like watery Elmers glue, more like water that was mixed with Elmers, but not mixed well. Some of it's thick some of it's thin, all of it's kinda sticky! I have to say that this is one of my first Big 3 Free polish experiences, so maybe this is how they all are? Or maybe I just need practice. Either way I'm very much on the fence about this brand. The colors are very cool, the glitter rocks! but I'm not sold. All of these are 3 coaters, no base, no top.

Below is Pasadena Purple this is a very nice medium purple, packed with shimmer. This is almost a dead on dup for China Glaze, Coconut Kiss. I've included a side by side bottle pic of this. Coconut Kiss is one tenth of a shade darker then PP, but on the nail these are very hard to tell apart I did A comparison of this on the nail but my pics where shaded and inaccurate. Sorry:(

The difference in these is much less noticeable in real life and on the nail.

Here we have Heiroglyphys Purple. This is a beautiful cream, magenta purple. This polish had me so excited! I've been looking for this shade for I don't know how long. This was a super mess to apply. I love this color tho!

Here we have Toga Purple. This is a very plum purple, Dark and lovely, this appears to be a cream but is in fact a shimmer with pink and blue ultra micro fine shimmers.

Here we have Nile Purple. This is super cool! This is darker then Hieroglyphys Purple, But very much alike in color. What makes this a stand out polish for me is the shimmer in it. It's like fine flakies! It's very fine but it's uneven and seems to be different sizes. Super original!

Here we have Iced Licorice. This is a dusty purple kinda sheer to start with but it's loaded with gold shimmer/micro flakies, This is an amazing polish, It doesn't work that great with my skin tone though. Very hard to take good pics of this one as there was so much sparkle.

This is Peacock Feathers. Oh how I dreamed of owning this one! This and Purple Rain I wanted sooooooo bad! I love this polish it applied better than the other ones, but still alittle tricky. This is a beautiful polish! This is a duochrome polish with a purple base that changes between blue and green, just amazing! The pic's don't do this justice at all!

Here we have Purple Beach. This is another one of those purples that do nothing for my skin tone! But this is a beautiful polish anyways! This is another duochrome like Peacock Feathers, But this has a lighter purple base with tons of gold and purple shimmer to it. This changes the polish in certain lighting to a golden green. I've heard a few blogger's say they don't now why this is called Purple Beach but I think the golden color in this might represent sand? IDK lol! So that's it for the Nubars. Next up we have SpaRitual, another Big 3 Free polish brand.


  1. I don't have any Nubar polishes, so I can't say if the formula/application that you experienced are typical. That's too bad though, becuase those purples are gorgeous! Love the duo chromes. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

  2. I'm in the same "situation" as Mary, I don't have any Nubar polishes either. I can say that I honestly like alls these that you've swatched! Especially the duochrome. :D

  3. That Hieroglyphys purple is lovely! Since Nubar is a big 3 free polish, does it smell any different from regular polishes, or does it smell just as funny as ever?

  4. Mary - I hope that with practice it will get easier to apply! I love the colors too! My daughter is sick but we are having a nice weekend together. Hope yours is good!

    Alexlyndra - They really are amazing colors, very special and original.

    Angie - You know I never thought about it. But I checked again and they still smell like polish but the aren't as offensive or strong.

  5. Thanks for all the swatches. I would love to get this collection. Sorry your having so many problems with them.. I didn't have too many problems with them. I love Peacock Feathers. it's an amazing shade.

  6. Lucy - I'm glad you liked reading them!!! I'm gonna give these a try again and see if I can't get the hang of it! Peacock Feathers is so amazing! Worth as much trouble as it can throw my way lol!

  7. I don't have any Nubars, but I think I can understand what you mean about the application....that's a shame, but I have to say those colors seems to be worth it just couldn't chooose between them, they are all so pretty :-)

  8. I've only tried one Nubar and I did think it was tricker to apply than some others - I got quite a bit of dragging with it and found I had to work quite fast.

    I have Peacock Feathers and must try it soon to see if it does the same thing.

    Purple Beach is beautiful - I hovered over this when I was buying my other Nubars but decided against it - I may have to add it to my next order though after seeing it here so thankyou.

    My ebay contact has just started stocking Nubars and she said that the Egyptian ones were positively flying out the door - I see why now - gorgeous!


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