Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 101st MEGA POST!!!!! May Hauls, Falsies & A little makeup!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to do something special for my 101st post! So I've added a little bit of every thing to this one! First I'm gonna show you some pics of the makeup I wear, this is my first love. I've been doing this crazy color thing since I was young, the nail polish addiction just started a few ears ago lol! I've always been told by my friends I should do post about makeup but I hate trying to take pics of my eyes! ( I only wear makeup on my eyes) but me and the BF had our date night last weekend so I tried to take a few pics they are. Sorry I don't have the names of everything I used handy ...but if you have questions just leave me a comment and I will let you know what I used! (if you wanna skip the makeup just scroll down there's some nails stuff coming!)

The next 2 are more of a day look. I was going to the mall and need just a bit of gold! This is really easy and fast, just 3 products!

Here comes the nails stuff! So I finally decided to try out those nifty fake nails I've been seeing. The just glue and go! I can't grow out my nails so this is the only way I can get'em long! I'm having a really hard time typing lmao! I found these at Icing, and knew they were the ones!

These are pretty easy to use, but I do need some practice! I got glue everywhere! Doing my left hand after I did my right was so hard! But they looked pretty nice. Since I got glue all over the top of my nails (don't ask me how!) I decided to add some shimmer to them. See next 2 pics!

I loved this look! This is 3 coats of CND Turquoise Tint and 1 coat of SV. Of coarse I went and put a bunch of dents in it ....So I had to change the polish, I used non acetone remover and went to work....serious work! It took me like an hour to get this off! The green was a real pain in my butt! In the end I had a sticky, bumpy mess! So I did my best to clean it up and knew just the polish I wanted to use on my super long nails .........

China Glaze, LOL of my all time fav dark purples! It covered the mess up pretty well and looks awesome, the sun even came out for me. So I'm super happy! I think the next time I try these, I'm going for the "paint your own" style lol! I don't know yet how hard they will be to take off but I will let you know!

Now we get to start looking at my hauls. I was really excited about this one and it finally came! this is what I got from NYX, sorry the pics aren't to good but I was so happy I couldn't get very focused pics

These are colord mascara, only $1.25 a piece!

These were only $2 each!

And I had to take advantage of that Zoya sale! I only had one Zoya before this so I'm uber excited for this one!
I really wanted to try out Jade polishes so I took the plunge and ordered these from an Ebay seller I've gone through before. I was a little worried because it's a mixed lot and you don't get to pick the colors. I only got one dup (not pictured, my mom wanted it lol) and you can't tell from my dull pic but most of these are loaded with shimmer and shine! super fabulous! This with shipping was under $20 dollars!

This is my mall haul from last weekend, I went to Claire's, Icing, Trade Secret and Ulta. I don't know how much I spent. But I got deals on just about everything here!

I had to show you this! The last haul I posted about I picked up this Claire's polish in neon yellow and when I got home Sunday with the new Essie in Funky Limelight, I realized they where dups! At least in the bottle they appear to be. I will have to do a comparison to find out for sure!

My Sis surprised me with these this morning! They are carrying these at Forever 21 now! Only $1.80! They also had silver glitter, but I already have that one. And she's on her way home with 4 new polishes for me!!!!!
These are my newest Sinfuls!

I picked up this Wet n Wild, just because it looked so pretty in the bottle! and it was half off.... but The lady at the register didn't give it to me! I didn't notice until after I left, but I'm still happy I got it. It's called Sexy Siren.
This is my little gem! I found this at my .99 cent store, which totally sucks! I live just a couple of blocks away from it but it's the worst ever! And it was just bought and nothing in it is .99 cents anymore! Also they never have polish. But I went in one day with my daughter to look for some lip liners she could play with and found this just sittin' on the counter! It hadn't been shaken in like ten years and looked completely black! The label read Blackest Green and I got so excited and had to buy it! I shock that thing all the way home and this is the beauty I got. I love it! Now I wish I got the other bottle! I wonder If it's still there?......I've been wanting to try SpaRitual for awhile now so the other day I placed an order. These are the gems I got. I've swatched these already and hope to post them soon! Sorry for the crappy pic but Seattle can be very white gray, which totally ruins pics!

The next 2 pics are of my first Nubars! All purples lol! I have these swatches already as well and I hope to have them posted soon
So that's it for now. I do have a few thing coming in the mail and a few gift items to get. But other than that I'm on a serious NO BUY! Well I hope you enjoyed my Super Mega Post! And if you made it all the way to the bottom kudos to you!!!!!!

These are my first and only Dashing Diva polishes can't wait to try them!