Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nothing say's "I love You" Like nail polish!

This is my latest haul! Me and the BF are celebrating Mother's Day a week early, Because he can't take time off next weekend. So yesterday he surprised me with the 4 new Loreal's I wanted. Then yesterday at the mall he got me the rest you see here.... 18 Bottles in total! Well If you didn't read my earlier post I'll tell you again my man is the BEST ever!! Some of these pic's aren't very true to color, but I plan to swatch all of them I promise know eventually lol! Oh I don't think I'm gonna do all my silvers anytime soon. Just because I get bored with the same colors over and over, you know? SO I have a couple post for you than I think I'm gonna focus on my piggy polishes. They are tons of fun, and I just got three new one's I can't wait to try! I also got four polishes from RBL during the 2 hour sale and 5 new MAC on the way. That brings my total polish count to 501 bottle of polish not including top, base or dup's! Yes I need to stop I know!


  1. Great BF! You ended up with some great colors. I love those L'Oreal ones, especially the red one. I don't have any Piggy polishes, I think I'd have to order them online to get them.

  2. I know he's Super Great! I think he's gonna get me even more! I'm thinking of doing a pedi with the red one, my BF loves red. Do you have an Ulta? that's where I get mine. Right now they have a buy 2 get one free! So maybe try I think they have a spend $25 and get free S&H too. you have to be a memeber but you can do that online really easy.

  3. Nice haul! Even better nice BF. I love a man who appreciates polish. Better yet one that buys you polish. I'm glad he's treating you good. I'm going backwards with your posts. Reading and commenting. Looking forward to see your big collection.


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