Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NYX, Rainbow Sparkle

Hello everyone! Today I'm starting my NYX Polishes :) I wanted to dedicate this series to Jessone Over at She did a post on an NYX polish awhile back and I let her know I was very strongly considering try out this brand, especially since they were having that huge 50% of sale! She encouraged me to take the plunge and give them a try and here we are! I now have 16 NYX polishes and am very happy with all of them! Thanks Clockwork! I've also decided that although I have all of these swatched and ready to go I'm just going to post one at a time. I'm just to tired and busy lately to right more.

First I'm showing you Rainbow Sparkle. I don't understand why anyone would name this color after a rainbow? This is a neon yellow jelly meant to be sheer, with yellow and gold glitter and slight green micro glitter. This is super cool regardless of the name! First pics I have are of my daughter (she is feeling much better!). For her "I'm Sick Mani" we used 1 coat of DS base coat, 1 coat of CND Retro White, 3 coats of Rainbow Sparkle, 1 coat of SV and quick dry drops.

This is RS on it's own this is 3 coats no base, no top.