Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NYX, Rainbow Sparkle

Hello everyone! Today I'm starting my NYX Polishes :) I wanted to dedicate this series to Jessone Over at She did a post on an NYX polish awhile back and I let her know I was very strongly considering try out this brand, especially since they were having that huge 50% of sale! She encouraged me to take the plunge and give them a try and here we are! I now have 16 NYX polishes and am very happy with all of them! Thanks Clockwork! I've also decided that although I have all of these swatched and ready to go I'm just going to post one at a time. I'm just to tired and busy lately to right more.

First I'm showing you Rainbow Sparkle. I don't understand why anyone would name this color after a rainbow? This is a neon yellow jelly meant to be sheer, with yellow and gold glitter and slight green micro glitter. This is super cool regardless of the name! First pics I have are of my daughter (she is feeling much better!). For her "I'm Sick Mani" we used 1 coat of DS base coat, 1 coat of CND Retro White, 3 coats of Rainbow Sparkle, 1 coat of SV and quick dry drops.

This is RS on it's own this is 3 coats no base, no top.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! *^^* Glad you like them! Pleased you are liking Nyx. They make some cool stuff. Really don't know what they are thinking with the name though for this polish. This one is such a violent bright color. It burns it burns lol! It looks great with the base of CND Retro White!

  2. So bright! Very nice though. Awww..I do hope she's feeling much better. And what pretty nails she has!

  3. That looks like the yellow version of my Hot Pink Glitter from NYX, it's cool this one!

  4. Put it over black! I bet it would be a great layering color, too!

  5. Nixxy - LOL! It's crazy bright!

    Clockwork - I love them! Thanks I'm glad I found a use for that white polish lol!

    Velvet - She is! Her nails are the stuff dream are made of! Strong and perfect!

    Alexlyndra - I just saw your post. I will have to get the pick one in my next NYX order!

    Mary - That's a great idea! I will give it a try!

  6. awwwwwe those lil' nails are toooo cute! lucky you have a hand-model to help you out with all your hard work blogging.

    I am glad i did not buy the esse neon yellow, i have found a few yellows that are insanely highlighter bright, but are too over-priced for 1 time use (which is likely) I will be hunting for this yellow N.Y.X.

    I agree on some of the names... who comes up with some of these names?

  7. She's has the best little nails, and just loves being on mommys blog!

    I wish I didn't either lol! I'm just hopping that when I do try it it turns out to be special in some way!

    I know! I'm thinking maybe they where drawn out of a hat .... or something!

  8. How sweet to have your daughter on your blog. Her nails look so pretty. Sparkly, bright and cute. I think I have this one also. I didn't think to put it over white. Thanks for the idea.

  9. wow!! those were nice color.. i love the Asphalt,las vegas & the lime... but sadly theyre not available here in abu dhabi...waaaaaaaa... =(


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