Friday, May 29, 2009

NYX, Ultimate Deep Red

It's been sunny all week, except Wednesday! I just love seeing the sun again! So naturally I can't blog as much. But I am reading your blogs at night and in the morning! I got a sun burn yesterday so I might have to sit in the shade today lol!

Okay I have to admit that I love Vampy colors! I'm not sure you can tell from this blog lol! But their are hands down my fav's! And whats sexier than a deep red jelly? I love red jellies, but I'm really bad at the application! I have tons of these in my collection but never wear any, because I always make them look just awful! But this was in my NYX haul so I had to use it! And I am so glad I did! This Applied surprisingly well. of coarse I still need some practice, and I made a mess, but I love this polish! This is probably the darkest of my red jellies! This is 3 coats no top, no base.