Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Piggy Polish, Dream Out Loud

This was another really hard polish to photograph. This is a super sparkly medium pink. This has larger pieces of shimmer too, it but it's not quite a glitter either. The shimmer in this is pink with a hint of golden sparkle to it. This gives the polish a lot of depth and glow. Very pretty! This is 3 coats, no base no top.

This is probably the best pic, can you see the shimmer?


  1. I Can't Take It Anymore5/08/2009 4:46 PM

    Trying to help:

    STEP 1: Pull your hand away from the camera lens so that it can properly focus.
    STEP 2: Take photo.
    STEP 3: Download photos to your computer.
    STEP 4: Crop photos.
    STEP 5: Upload the in focus photos of your nails to your blog.

  2. @I Can't Take It Anymore

    Be patient, she said she lost her real camera and couldn't afford to get a new one in the earlier posts.

  3. Anonymous - Thank you.

    I Can't Take It Anymore - I have already taken a lot of photos and created post that are saved as drafts. I'm posting a new one each day. I am doing my best going forward to do the steps you have stated above. But those pics won't be posted until after I get through the Piggy Polishes. I can only get so so pics no matter what I do because I take all of my pics with the camera on my cell phone, as I do not have a real camera. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Chill out! Kitty is doing the best that she can. How many times does she have to explain it.


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