Monday, May 4, 2009

Piggy Polish, Love PINKS!

I tried really hard to get a good pic of this but it was impossible! The last pic really shows what this looks like in the bottle. First off I think this polish should be named Genie In a bottle, cuz this is the next best thing! At fist glance this is so boring and dull, the color from the bottle is very cloudy and dusty pink looking. I thought there is no way I'm gonna like this. Then I tried it, Wham! I was hit with a bad case of Wow-ism! This color is so amazing .....let me explain why...So this is kind of a muted pink base, but that's really just what it is a base for the most amazing Fluorescent/neon-ish pink shimmer I have ever seen! The base on this is really super sheer and the extra fine light catching shimmer builds upon it's self to create this awesome glowing effect that is truly breath taking! I'm not the biggest pink fan so for me that's saying a lot! I can't wait to see this in sunlight! I'm definitely doing a Pedi come summer with this.


  1. Another pretty Piggy Polish! That is lovely, it looks like it's one of those 'glowy' type polishes. And I agree, it would be a great pedi color.

  2. What camera do you use?

  3. itt looks lit from within, very pretty.

  4. Mary- I wish you could see a better pic of it, if i ever get a new camera, I think I will do this over.

    Anonymous- I use my camera on my phone lol! I have an LG.

    Clockwork- Thats a very good way to describe it.

  5. Very pretty pink on you. Love it.


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