Friday, June 5, 2009

My Haul From Tuli!

I was so excited to get my package, from Tuli! Check out her blog at She's really awesome. My very first polish exchange! I know this is a pretty bad pic, sorry about that! But aren't these beautiful! The little mini's are very pretty glitter polishes, for my girls! They come from a brand called Pop, Tuli also sent me a cute lip gloss in the shape of a lolly pop, but the girls ran off with that before I could get a pic lol! Oh and I also got tons of candy! but the kids robbed me blind of that too, so I didn't get any pics of that either, I did get to try some tho, Yummy! You know it's strange because normally the mail comes before my older 2 get home from school but for some reason this day it came after they got home, the stars are against me lol! They where so excited to see mommy's cool new polish all the way from Israel, so they we're right at my side to help me open it! These also came in the package, These are adorable coffee costars, and a super cool note holder that you can put on the computer!
And I know everyone is just dying to see my feet, right? He he, Well here they are anyways! This is the first pedi I've done in forever! This is the super pretty Olive Gold polish #840! This looks way better in person! This is 2 coats, perfect application! This is super sparkly and in low light looks almost like a metallic Magenta! I love this polish!

And this is the first Full mani I've done in like 2 weeks! It's been so sunny I've been swathing non stop! But I decided yesterday it was time for a break (probably a very small break, I just got my BB Couture order and I'm dying to try the rest of my polishes from Tuli!) So here we have Perfect Chic # 314, This is a really great polish. Highly pigmented, and perfect in 2 smooth even coats! This was a bit of a surprise for me, in the bottle this is a super bright fuchsia/pink color. And on the nails it's a bright cherry red. Not that I mind at all, I love this polish!

I just want to say thanks to Tuli! You did a great job picking these out for me!