Sunday, June 7, 2009

My BB Couture haul!

Hey everyone hope you had a good weekend! This is my BB couture haul from last weekend. I haven't tried any yet because the sun is gone, but as soon as it comes back I will swatch these! Oh I ordered these on Sat. and got them Thur.


  1. Drool! Can't wait for mine to arrive :)

  2. NICE haul! Can you tell me what the names are?

  3. That seems like a great haul ! What a beautiful colors ! Well, you know I just love your color's choice :-) Can't wait for their swatches !

  4. Wow! Cool,great selection you picked out!

  5. oooh wow, what great choices, like what you have picked! shoot, I need to get some of these at some point! looking forwards to seeing your pics!

  6. Yay! You got them! Can't wait to see them on you. I have one more order coming this week, then I'll have gone from 0 BB polishes to 21 in a week. Oops :)

  7. I love BB polish. I'm wearing Dragon's Breath today. I think I have all the polishes you ordered. I didn't get the silver polish. Poison and Green Goblin are two of my favorite greens. They are very glossy. I can't wait to see them all swatched. I haven't worn them all yet.

  8. Nixxy - Your gonna love this polish!

    Helen - Sorry about that! lol. I'm getting ready to post them all tonight I hope.

    Tuli - THanks Tuli! I'm a big fan of you too!

    Velvet- Thanks, It was hard to pick. I think I could get twice as much!

    Clockwork - Thanks! Your off your no buy now!

    Mary - Oh wow your bad! You have a lot of swatching to do!

    Lucy -I'm lovin them too! My pics aren't very good but you'll get to see them very soon!


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