Monday, June 1, 2009

NYX, Silver Blue

Hello, everyone I'm super out of it today! My daughter hurt her leg at her dad's and today I went on a Field trip with my son's class. We had tons of fun, but I'm super exhausted! I will try and get caught up on blog reading tomorrow.

This is a super cool glitter! This is a clear base with sky blue bar glitter and silver glitter! This is 3 coats, no base, no top. This applied really well.


  1. hi! i'm new to your blog and i love it! love your close-up pictures! btw, i don't really like polishes with bar glitters on them but this one is really nice! :D

  2. Aww, I hope your daughter gets well soon.

    I've never seen bar glitter as a nail polish component before. The effect on that color is very interesting - reminds me of snow queens and ice princesses!

  3. I hope your daughters okay. How did she hurt her leg? I think this polish would cheer her up! Very sparkly and princess like. Looks pretty on you. I don't think I bought this one. I have others like it.

  4. Oooh - it's hairy glitter! Cool :D

  5. Pretty! I love the little bars of glitter. Get well wishes to your daughter :)

  6. Wow! what an interesting glitter! I'm not sure what to think about,the whole bar glitter thing. But it's something different. I hope your daughters' leg feels better soon. And hope that you get rested up too!

  7. oooh I like - it looks icy indeed!

    I hope your daughter is ok too.

    and you - sleep, not blog!

  8. Great glitter, I like the bars. Hope your little one feels better soon! ^^

  9. Charlene - Welcome and Thank You! I had a really hard time in the begining getting good pics. I know what you mean bar glitter can be a pain!

    Angie - Thank you she is slowly recovering. That's perfect! I have a few more bar glitters no to many though.

    Lucy - She twisted her ankle playing slip n' slid, I'm going to give her a pedi tomorrow! That's 2 that we have diff. lol! I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this one, but I'm happy with it!

    Nixxy - LOL! Gross, but very close lmao!

    Velvet - Bling comes in many Shapes! You should try them they are nice for layering! Thanks we are both feeling better.

    Helen - It is Icy! Blogging is so much funner than sleep tho! My daughter is recovering well, thanks!

    Clockwork - Bars are fun! Thanks!

  10. The bars are the same consistency as Barry M's Once Upon a Time - it's spooky, I nearly wrote that on my comment last night!


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