Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NYX, Techno

This is Techno, A beautiful purple, looks a bit more blue than it is in person though. This has shimmer in it that is both purple and pink. This polish really glows in person! This is 3 coats, no base, no top.


  1. That one is a bit more blue-based than the previous one, almost a hint of periwinkle. Lovely.

  2. This is lovely, really like this one a lot.

  3. Gah, you're too fast uploading your blog, haha! Always when I click to your page you have like 5 och 6 new posts. ;) I have this one too, it's beautiful!

  4. That is amazing. It reminds me of something I have, I just can't put my finger (pun intended) on what it is.

  5. Mary - Your so right! Kinda a mix of the two.

    Clockwork - Have you started a list for your next order? lol!

    Alexlyndra - Have you swatched it already I would love to see this on long nails! And I feel like I'm always behind!

    Helen - lol! It's is an awesome color, do you have a lot of purples?


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